Sunday, March 4, 2007


I Can't Paint

I've been struggling over color theory homework and completely sucking at Photoshopping for hours and the work still looks like kaka pulled out of some poor bum's herpe riddled... bum.
whhyyyyy for the love of mother teresa


sooperAWKWAgirl said...

take a break? go out and throw the ol' pigskin around, and get your mind off of it; no need to stress more than you have to.

and your work can't possibly looking like kaka pulled out of some poor bum's herpe riddled bum, unless you've actually seen that. which in that case...

Yeo said...

i fail too.

we are two losers taking up precious space in this class.

Lets listen to cat power for four hours straight and cut our wrists.

chokhopie said...

shut up janet.
you're still at the top of the class.
as for me ... sigh lets not even go there.